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Nota importante: este fue el blog del Museo desde su apertura hasta marzo de 2013. Para información actual: 920.30.13.80



Welcome to the Arévalo´s History Museum blog! The Arévalo´s History Museum houses around one hundred pieces which are related to the history of this town.

In our gallery, archaeological objects from the Chalcolithic period and from the Roman Empire times are displayed, as well as medieval, modern and contemporary objects.

We also exhibit a good collection of models representing the main historic buildings of the town, such as the disappeared Royal Palace, the Sedeño Palace or the Castle.

Furthermore, we count with around twenty photographs which reflect how Arévalo was during the first years of the twentieth century. In our premises we show as well a documentary about our history.

And finally, in our Museum we have dedicated a hall to the heritage of Autun (France), twinned town with Arévalo since 2005.